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Members 100 Club

The 100 Club was launched a few years ago for Members to help the Club raise some funds in what is hoped is a fun way.  It’s like a raffle with each number you hold being the equivalent of a raffle ticket.  A proportion of the money collected is given back in prizes whilst the remainder goes into Club funds.  There is no obligation to join in,  but the Club is grateful to those who do contribute to Club fund-raising in this way. 

100 Club entries are £12 per number.  Each number is entered into the draw every month for the year.

Subject to sufficient funds being received there will be three prizes.   1st Prize  is £25,  2nd Prize is  £15 and 3rd prize is £10.  The first draw each year takes place in April.     If you would like to subscribe or have any questions, please call Clare on  01727   854129.